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Our History


Valuing Prince George Since 2005

Bert (C.H.) Godfrey started his business in 1964, and Godfrey Appraisals was the first appraisal company in British Columbia outside of the Lower Mainland.  Richard Godfrey ran the business from 1971 until 1987, at which time David Godfrey became the principal owner.  In 2005, David sold the company to Bob Godfrey, who became the sole owner of C.H. Godfrey Appraisals (2002) Ltd.  After selling the residential business to Bob, David started Godfrey Appraisal Commercial, which focused on multi-family, industrial, and commercial appraisals.


Sean Cranston joined Godfrey Appraisals Commercial as an associate in 2014 and later purchased the company from David in 2018.  David remained with the company until late 2019, when he entered retirement.  At the same time, Keenan Hopson became a partner in the company and started mentoring under Sean.


In 2020, Godfrey Appraisals Commercial was renamed Godfrey, Cranston & Hopson Appraisals (GCH Appraisals).  GCH Appraisals is now a full-service appraisal company focusing on single-family residential and Income, Commercial & Institutional (ICI) appraisals.  We have completed a full range of appraisal assignments that include residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial, income and non-income producing farms, subdivisions, and various other appraisal work, including assessment appeals, expropriations, gravel pits, and airport valuations.

We strive to be the best


GCH Appraisals is accepted by all major banks and credit unions and completes most of the commercial appraisals in Prince George.  We work in areas from Prince George to Mackenzie, Williams Lake to Fort Nelson, and Valemount to Terrace.  Our clients include all banks & lending agencies, provincial & federal governments, municipalities, and private individuals & companies.

We work primarily on Income, Commercial & Institutional (ICI) related appraisals, but we also provide single-family residential appraisals.  Our turn-around for ICI appraisals is generally within one to two weeks, while our residential appraisals are completed within one to two days. 

GCH Appraisals has a reputation for extensive research in the appraisal process.  We ensure our database is accurate and all comparable sales are inspected, measured, and either the buyer, seller, or realtor has been interviewed.

We are well known in the community and have ties to over 50 years of appraisal service in the area.  In addition, David, Sean, and Keenan are active in the community.  The company has sponsored various community groups and has current and past involvement in service clubs within the city.

We strive to provide top-quality appraisal reports that are accepted throughout North America.  We look forward to working on your behalf, whether you are a corporation or a private individual.  We will provide you with our service promptly and stand behind our values if challenged.

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